User Views: Assembling Full Reviews of the 3Commas Stage

Intro to 3Commas Platform

3Commas has become a prevalent automated crypto trading framework enabling users to execute automated plans and bots. Backing major exchanges, extensive bot ranges, and progressed analytics, 3Commas strives to make crypto trading open to all trader types.

But how good does 3Commas deliver on its vows? We gather complete user views and angles to furnish a full image.

3Commas reviews: Presenting the Stage and Features for Trading Bots

Running since 2017, 3Commas persists as a longstanding trading bot stand in crypto. The squad seeks to give users an intuitive stage to automate strategies crosswise exchanges.

Main capabilities include:

  • Trading bots – Premade bots for tactics with full customization. Bots have DCA, grid, trailing, composite and more.
  • Paper trading – Test tactics riskless before going live.
  • Portfolio management – Automating trades crosswise exchange accounts.
  • Mobile app – Track performance from iOS and Android apps.
  • Exchange integration – Support for major exchanges via APIs with frequent additions.

With these tools backing all key exchanges, 3Commas proffers crypto traders an all-in-one stand for executing automated plans. But does the stage meet hopes?

User Reviews of 3Commas

As a stand aiming to automate complex tactics, grasping real user know-hows is key for prospective 3Commas users.

Parsing certified reviews on platforms similar TrustPilot and Reddit, common positives highlighted by users include:

  • Intuitive interface – Easy to navigate and create bot plans even for amateurs.
  • Reliable performance – Bots execute as anticipated with minimal errors or downtime.
  • Good value – Feature set justifies subscription costs for most.
  • Responsive support – Fast and helpful 3Commas customer assistance.

Meanwhile, some common negatives from users revolve around:

  • Limited bots on lower tiers – Free and Starter plans permitting only simple bots.
  • Complex notifications – Default alerts sometimes confusing first-timers.
  • Minor bugs – Some users met isolated bot performance matters.

But most reviews are positive – over 75% of confirmed reviews rate 3Commas as Excellent or Great on TrustPilot.

Prioritizing User Feedback: Discussing Reviews Shaping 3Commas Progress

As a service focusing on crypto traders, 3Commas spotlights user views to grow the platform.

Reviews on TrustPilot allow the team to track bugs real-time. Documenting issues has led to quick bug fixes and betterment.

Similarly, monitoring feature requests and reviews gives 3Commas insight into highest demand capabilities from their crowd. For instance, growing demand for mobile functions led the team to prioritize iOS and Android apps.

Finally, user reviews assist new traders grasp the platform’s strengths and weaknesses before signing up. Addressing common pain points highlighted in reviews, 3Commas lowers entry barriers.

The team also often interacts with and aids users directly via Reddit and Telegram. These proactive drives maximize satisfaction and reviews.

3Commas Platform Capabilities

3Commas contains a suite of comprehensive tools for new and advanced traders. From automated trading to portfolio management, the capabilities cater to different trading styles and risk hungers.

Comprehensive Trading Instruments

For traders seeking automation, 3Commas proffers a marketplace of premade trading bots backing different tactics:

  • DCA bots – Automatically DCA on dips to lower average entry price
  • Grid bots – Execute buy and sell orders within custom price ranges
  • Order bots – Trail orders to preset targets
  • Composite bots – Combine multiple tactics into a single bot

Experts can fully customize parameters for each bot including quantities, intervals, profits, and more. Paper trading accounts backtest tactics in real market states.

For manual trading, 3Commas gives one-click order entry, technical study tools, and more crosswise exchange accounts.

3Commas Stage Showing

With automation controlling funds crosswise crypto markets, showing and uptime are critical.

From our skill, the 3Commas stage demonstrates excellent reliability in live trading:

  • Bots execute 24/7 with minimal lag or failures.
  • Uptime exceeds 99% permitting continuous automation.
  • Servers handle big loads with 100K+ bots.
  • Trade data streams reliably from 23+ exchange APIs.

While minor bot errors sometimes happen on exchanges, the overall functionality remains reliable enough for bigger portfolio automation.

3Commas Stage Safety

Securing funds on crypto accounts is a common concern given rampant exchange hacks.

3Commas uses extensive safeguards:

  • 2FA verification mandatory for all accounts.
  • No withdrawal rights – bots only execute trades.
  • Granular API key permissions displaying read-only abilities.
  • Full encryption of API keys and secrets.

For additional protection, users must manually withdraw funds from exchange accounts. By and large, these measures eliminate unauthorized withdrawals.

3Commas Customer Assistance

With the intricacies of crypto trading bots, timely expert aid is invaluable for both new and seasoned traders.

3Commas gives multi-channel 24/7 customer assistance:

  • Active English telegram society with quick administrator and user responses.
  • Email assistance within 24 hours including weekends.
  • In-platform chatbot answering FAQs.
  • Detailed Help Center documentation.

From personal skill, the support team is very attentive crosswise channels and able to resolve most matters. As user bases scales, maintaining similar standards remains key.

3Commas Pricing

Balancing affordability with profitability, 3Commas proffers four pricing plans:

  • Free Plan – Try basic capabilities with paper trading and simple bots.
  • Starter at $14/month – One live bot, more paper accounts.
  • Advanced at $22/month – Five bots with all capabilities.
  • Pro at $37/month – 25 simultaneous bots and additional perks.

Custom indicators, copy trading subscriptions, and trading terminal access add further value for savvy traders.

Pricing tiers enable users to start small and scale bots with profitability. We find most active traders rapidly outgrow the free and starter plans – higher tiers proffer the necessary firepower at modest costs.

Yearly billing gives 25% discounts for maximizing long run resources.

3Commas User Skill

Transitioning effectively from manual to automated trading depends strongly on user skill (UX) and simplicity.

Key aspects making 3Commas suitable for amateurs include:

  • Intuitive dashboard – Easy overview of bot showing and status.
  • Step-by-step setup – Quick guide for configuring first bot or account.
  • Prebuilt tactics – Leverage proven templates as springboards.
  • Paper trading – Test bots safely with virtual funds.

Meanwhile, advanced charting, custom indicators, trailing orders, and other pro tools give experts greater steerage.

Impressively, despite capability additions over the years, 3Commas retains simplicity and learning curve advantages for entering traders.

3Commas Case Studies

While functionality matters most, real-world results give further proof and credibility. Numerous traders have furnished certified case studies underscoring profits from 3Commas bots – permit’s look at two examples.

Grid Bot Success

Reddit user u/Bruglione details a grid bot for AAVE/USDT accumulating $14,525 over 202 days starting with a $3,100 capital allotment by purchasing dips and selling rips.

DCA Bot To Ride Trends

Trader ‘Max Volume’ uses a composite bot mixing DCA orders with trailing stop sell orders. Over 3 months, he built an ENJ position with an average entry price of $1.4. Using trailing orders to ride the rally to $4 yielded 190% returns.

These and multiple similar studies verify 3Commas’ profit generation capabilities.

Comparison with Other Trading Stands

Compared to stands similar Cryptohopper and Bitsgap, 3Commas comes out favorably:

StandEase of UseBot RangeExchange BackingPrices
3CommasUser-friendlyAll major tactics plus compositesAll major exchanges$14 and upwards
CryptohopperSteep learning bendFewer bot typesLimited exchange list$19 and upwards
BitsgapIntermediate complexitySimilar botsSmaller exchange coverage$19 and upwards

With mixes of intuitive interfaces, more trading bot algorithms, and broader exchange connectivity, 3Commas edges out competitors while maintaining affordable subscription plans.

Conclusion: Looking Ahead

In the fast-paced world of crypto trading, resting on one’s laurels is ill-advised. For 3Commas, evolution never halts – their 2022 roadmap reveals ambitions like:

  • Expanding customized bot options
  • Additional backtesting capabilities
  • Sentiment indicators for social metrics
  • Further exchange integrations

If executed well, these developments will augment profits for traders small and big.

Yet amidst change, the service quality sustaining 3Commas’ customer satisfaction must persist – a reality the team acknowledges.

By and large, with upwards of $10 billion in total trading volume, 80,000 active bots, and a 4.5/5 average user rating, 3Commas has already carved its niche. Prospective users can have confidence the platform will unlock trading potential safely.

3Commas Stage Showing Table

Functionality & Reliability4.5 / 5
Security4.8 / 5
Customer Support4.7 / 5
User Experience4.6 / 5
Affordability4.2 / 5

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 3Commas safe to use for automation?

Yes, 3Commas uses bank-level safety including mandatory 2FA. API keys only permit read-only trading without withdrawal ability. Users report feeling very safe entrusting bots.

Can amateurs easily start on 3Commas?

The intuitive UI and step-by-step guide allows amateurs to set basic bots safely via paper trading. Prebuilt templates provide good launch pads.

How many bots can I run on 3Commas?

Limits depend on account tier with 1 bot on Starter, 5 bots for Advanced, and 25 bots for Pro. Active yearly contracts permit more bots.

What exchanges does 3Commas support?

Major exchanges similar Binance, Coinbase Pro, Kucoin, and Bitfinex are backed. They frequently add new exchanges – the total list exceeds 23 integrations.

Can I copy trade or use social sentiment analytics?

Yes, 3Commas proffers paid subscriptions for copy trading abilities and social metrics from Twitter/Reddit to aid trading decisions.

How attentive is 3Commas customer support?

Users highlight the 24/7 multi-channel customer support via Telegram, email, and in-platform chatbot as very prompt and helpful.

What are the payment options on 3Commas?

Subscriptions can be purchased directly via credit card payments. Multiple cryptocurrencies similar BTC, ETH, USDT, BUSD etc. are also accepted.

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